Desfile de 100 Sobrevivientes de Cáncer Frente a la Plaza Tiananmen de Beijing

The 100 cancer survivors parade thru the front of the prestigious seminar hall in Beijing, China. Some of these have come from different parts of the world to give thanks to Dr. Wang – inventor of Tian Xian. They shout “we are alive”.
Cancer Survivors Transcript on Event Cheer up for life!
Today, they are elated to be at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, with irrepressible joy of rebirth; towards the snowstorm, pulling up a banner titled “We are alive.”
With laughter, with jumping, yes, they are alive; they are the real Superman of life! The 100 warriors were selected from over a thousand warriors who have been taking Tian Xian series of anticancer drugs from home and abroad. 66 Out of those 100 warriors, 12 of them are from United States, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, 88 are from China.
Although they vary in severity and their nationalities are different as well, but they were lucky to survive by taking the Tian Xian series of medication.

Sobrevivientes de CáncerMuestran Agradecimiento al Dr. Wan Zhen Guo (Inventor de Tian Xian)

Event coverage where 100 cancer survivors gathered in an event to show their appreciation to Tian Xian inventor Dr. Wang.

100 Sobrevivientes de Cáncer Rinden Tributo a Inventor de Tian Xian

CCTV-4 covers the tribute event by 100 cancer survivors to Anti-Cancer Tian Xian Inventor, Dr. Wang Zhen Guo.

Yahoo News: Tian Xian
Ayuda a Combatir el Cáncer
Hospital Nacional de Taiwan lo Confirma

Now let’s turn to domestic, after more than 1 hundred years since the National Taiwan University Hospital founded, for the first time the National Taiwan University Hospital research team found that perhaps an experimental product can improve the immunity of the cancer patients. The research team carried out a human experiment in terms of Chinese medicine formula ‘Tian Xian liquid’ for the first time.

CTI – TV: Hospital de la Universidad de Taiwan demostró, basado en ensayos, que el Líquido Tian Xian puede combatir el
Cáncer de Mama

National Taiwan University Hospital Proved that Tian Xian Liquid-P can Fight Breast Cancer based on Trials


TVBS: Hospital Nacional de Taiwan Confirma que Tian Xian Ayuda al Sistema Inmunológico

Some media reported yesterday, the National Taiwan University Hospital confirmed the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ can be used to anti-cancer and even shrink the tumor. Is that true?

100 Sobrevivientes de Cáncer Honran al Dr. WangPor Su Invento Tian Xian

100 cancer survivors from different parts of the globe gave their appreciation to Dr. Wang. Highly ranked government representatives also joined this event. Dr. Wang is the inventor of Tian Xian; a family of products to help fight against cancer. 

Dr. Hiroyuki Abe (Japon): Un Acercamiento Integrado al Tratamiento del Cáncer

When the cancer tumor is still small, it cannot be detected yet. Thus, no accurate diagnosis can be made. It is only when the tumor has grown to one gram that detection becomes possible. Once the tumor moves into a state of continued growth known as the angiogenesis state, there’s no way to alter the speed at which it is multiplying. The tumor then, enters and reproduces through the vessels of the human bodv.

Dr. Andy Sun PhD (Taiwan): Tian Xian y Sus Propiedades Anti – Cancerígenas

Tian Xian liquid is extracted from Chinese medicinal herbs. For the past ten years, it had contributed insurmountably to cancer treatment. The pharmacology and the immunology studies of the major ingredients of Tian Xian Liquid show their ability to treat cancer.

Dr. Andy Sun claims that “all ingredients of the Tian Xian liquid have anti-cancer effects.” It has immuno-modulation and tumor-killing effects which no other medicine can offer. Because Tian Xian liquid has both immunopotentiation and immunosuppression effects and can either stimulate or inhibit the lymphoproliferation response, it may be used as an immunomodulating agent to restore the altered cells.

Dr. Siu (Malasia): Una Cura Desde El Este Para Un Problema Mudial

“To cure sometimes, to relieve often, but to comfort always- that is the duty of physicians; that is the duty of all doctors.” (William Osler) It is this same duty that the Tian Xian Liquid upholds as it helps when taken in the early stages of cancer, as it relieves pain and symptoms, and as it brings comfort and hope to patients.

Dr. Felicidad Felicilda (Filipinas): Tian Xian Complement la Radioterapia


Dr. Felicilda Felicidad from the Philippines talked about how Tian Xian complements radiotherapy.

Dr. Ray Baldwin (USA): Un Tiempo Para Sanar


Medical science, with its tremendous growth and advancement, has offered three means of treating cancer: radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Yet, as expensive and as developed as these tools are, none of these have actually done anything to decrease cancer incidents. These tools are nothing but quick fixes that never really got around to addressing the source of the problem. Studies have shown that all individuals have cancerous cells in the body. And should one have a fully functional immune system, one never has to come in contact with cancer. The only way to prevent cancer is to look at the source of the problem–that of a weak immune system. Prevention is, and will always be, better than cure.

Dr. Sui Chai (Tailandia): El Encuentro de Dos Expertos


Cancer patients are sometimes viewed as statistics by society–statistics with no faces to vouch for their being humans. Dr. Siu Chai tells the story of one of his patients. This patient’s problem started with a serial bleeding in his ulcer. He also suffered from gastritis, heartburn, poor appetite weight loss, pulmonary emphysema, and osteoarthritis. On top of all these, he had cancer.

Un Resumen de la Medicina Complementariay Alternativa para el Tratamiento del Cáncer

National Taiwan University Hospital Provides Inquiry for Herbal and Traditional Treatments.